The Online Reputation Management (ORM) Services Of CertifiedRatings.com Can Enhance Your Company's Internet Reputation

Our programs offer a cost-effective means of capturing and publicizing the recommendations of your satisfied consumers to stimulate demand for your business and increase sales.

Every day, your Internet reputation determines consumer traffic to your business. Not only do a majority of consumers do Internet research before making a purchase decision, the online recommendations they read greatly influence the decision they make.

How important are online reviews to your business?

Worldwide, 89% of consumers use Internet search engines to make purchasing decisions.1

Online reviews influence buying decisions for 90% of consumers.2

Consumers are swayed by both positive and negative reviews with 80% of consumers changing their minds about a recommended purchase based solely on negative information found online.3

“They have a 4.3 star rating...let’s call them first...”
“Only 2 reviews. The other one looks more popular...”
“I’ll even pay more...I just want to know they’ll do a good job”

Why doesn't your business have better online reviews?

Having a quality business may not be enough to create a positive online reputation.

Satisfied consumers are less likely to leave an online review than are unhappy consumers, leading to reality-perception gap regarding your business.

Negative reviews, or a lack of reviews, could be silently hurting your revenue.


How can CertifiedRatings.com help your business?

CertifiedRatings.com has a solution. Our ORM programs will prompt your consumers to provide reviews and then channel the positive feedback to the Internet where it can go to work building your reputation and sales. We channel the negative feedback directly to your business so you can manage the situation privately, without jeopardizing your reputation.


Let CertifiedRatings.com capture the feedback of your consumers, manage the flow of consumer reviews, and publicize the testimonials of your satisfied consumers to stimulate demand for your business.

Our motto is: