EVERY Day Your Internet Reputation decides Your "In-Store" Consumer Traffic...

ORM Captures Potential Customers EXACTLY:

  • "WHERE" They Search First: The Internet (75%)

*In the prized Page 1 of "Organic Listings"

  • "WHEN" They Search: 24/7 Visibility Online

*Right When They Are Actively Seeking

  • "HOW" They Decide: They Want "Unbiased Feedback"

    • Ratings & Reviews 1ST->Website Content 2nd...

  • WHAT Attracts More Customers?

    • Ratings of 4-5 Stars

    • A Review Volume that Signals a Popular Business

  • WHAT Drives Customers To Competitors

    • Ratings of 1-3 Stars

    • A Low Volume of Reviews "OR" No Reviews

They have a 4.3-Star Rating...let’s call them first...
Only 2 reviews. The other one looks more popular...
I’ll even pay more...I just want to know they’ll do a good job

*It's either you or your competitors: Who has the most attractive "At-A-Glance" Reputation?

Research shows Consumer Decision-Making Behavior favors Ratings & Reviews as the FIRST thing looked at when actively deciding what business to choose...